With a small staff, BUF is always searching for volunteers to help us continue the work of promoting equitable educational opportunities for underserved students. 

We offer several Mentor4Success volunteer experiences that can be tailored to your needs. Whether you wish to volunteer for one event, guide students through a scholarship writing workshop, or mentor a student one-on-one, we have an opportunity that's perfect for you. 


Each year BUF hosts multiple events for our education programs with our annual Luncheon in May being the capstone event of the year. These events aim to celebrate the work and accomplishments of our students. Volunteers can help with check-in for events, serve as table hosts, and more. 

Scholarship Writing Workshops

Guide students through the Path to Scholarships curriculum at one of our scholarship writing workshops. Volunteers will help students break through some of the barriers that are preventing them from creating strong scholarship applications, primarily the barriers that prevent them from writing a strong essay. BUF hosts both one day and multiple day workshops. Volunteer opportunities can range from six hours in one day to 2 hours per day for the course of a week or month. For workshops that are completed over multiple days we ask that volunteers commit to all the days for that workshop. 


Guide students through the college and scholarship journey. Volunteers will meet with students as many times as the student(s) requests to help them complete applications. BUF advises that volunteers meet with students at least two to four times per month, but we understand that schedules do not always allow this. Mentoring can take place over the phone or in-person. A BUF representative MUST be present for all mentoring meetings, including phone sessions. 

BUF Talks

Volunteers will give 20-30 minute presentations on their career and the road that led them to their current position. Volunteers can be at varying stages of their career and will be partnered with either a seasoned professional or professional just starting off in their field. Volunteer presenters should be prepared to volunteer two to three hours for preparation and presentation delivery. 

Program Committee

Program committee is a small group of community members who help BUF to achieve our education program goals by shaping the way our programs operate in our community. This committee is comprised of teachers, students, long-term community members, and people who care. Volunteers will meet once every other month for one to two hours each meeting. 


Before signing up to volunteer, check out what some of our volunteers had to say: 

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