High School students usually have a lot going on. Between juggling challenging course loads, homework, extra-curricular activities, family obligations, peer relationships, etc., it can seem like the end of the world to a high schooler to sacrifice even one Saturday for a workshop. Thanks to our certified Path to Scholarship facilitators, BUF tries to make sacrificing a Saturday a little less of a chore. Not only will students leave our Saturday workshops with great resources and tools, they will have fun while working through the workshop and learning how to win money for college! 

Register for an upcoming Scholarship Writing Workshop by clicking on the button for the workshop you want to attend below. For teachers, if you would like to request a resource presentation complete the form at the bottom of the page. 



Black United Fund of Oregon will be facilitating several Scholarship Writing Workshops (SWW) throughout the 2019-20 academic year (more information coming soon) at campuses near you! Thanks to our certified Path to Scholarship facilitators, each participant will leave our workshops with the tools to create an award-winning scholarship or college admissions application for only $5! Students will also leave with a first draft of their personal statement essay. Don't wait! Space  is limited and seats fill up quickly. 

Volunteers are always needed for our SWW to serve as Table Coaches. Table Coaches spend the day with a small group of students helping to guide them through the curriculum and worksheets with the assistance of the certified facilitator. No prior training or certification is required. To sign-up as a volunteer for one of our workshops select the workshop below and follow the prompts to register as a volunteer.

Our Fall 2019 Workshops is scheduled for Saturday, October 5th at University of Portland! More details below:

Fall 2019 SWW Flyer.jpg

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This form is for educators to request workshops. Black United Fund of Oregon does not currently have the capacity to provide individual workshops to students. If you are an individual student wanting to participate in a workshop, please view the opportunities above or contact us directly at BUF@BUFOR.ORG.

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